The Monnalisa s.r.l company was established in 1997 by Elisabetta Polignano and, year after year, it has pursued a path leading to ever-increasing prestige and recognition in the world of Bridal Fashion, first in Italy and then abroad.
Our products are 100% made in Italy, from the design to the modelling, and from the dressmaking to the final inspection. We use the finest materials the market has to offer: silk organza, chiffon, Mikado silk, duchess satin, French Chantilly lace and Swarovski crystals are just some of the raw materials selected by Elisabetta Polignano, whose watchword is quality.
Elisabetta Polignano’s collections are always innovative and distinctive, but they are also harmonious, because the stylist believes that balance is the essence of grace and refinement. One of the key notes that characterize the collections and the stylistic decisions is the use of colour, which takes on a specific thematic undertone in each collection, enriching the gowns and instilling them with an unmistakable style.
Our philosophy is to use and promote Italian-made products, so we constantly seek quality, from every point of view. One of our current goals is to raise awareness of Elisabetta Polignano’s gowns in the United States, too. We are confident that the creativity and elegance that distinguish them, together with their carefully selected, finest-quality fabrics will be highly appreciated there, and we would be delighted should you wish to accompany us on our journey.