The Sample Room NY

The Sample Room NY is a secondary business started by Group 868 initially to help their designers sell off discontinued bridal and evening samples to the general public.  This eventually grew to accommodate bridal and evening samples from any designer or store who wants to sell their consigned, discontinued, overstock, or prototype samples to the general public.  Merchandise that is pre-owned by individual customers are not sold in The Sample Room NY.  The unique and diverse designer samples are curated to reflect the taste and popularity of what the customer wants who shops at The Sample Room NY.  Advertising is an important factor of the business and has included national and local magazines as well as an online presence.  Currently, The Sample Room NY advertises in New York Magazine, Google and is active on most social media platforms.  It is important to note that The Sample Room NY retail business does not interfere with Group 868’s wholesale business.  New merchandise from the current roster of Group 868 designers cannot be ordered through The Sample Room NY.  For more information about consigning merchandise to The Sample Room NY please

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Group 868 is a multi designer sales agency that specializes in bridal and evening wear.  With their expert industry knowledge and fashion insight, Mindy Woon and Ivan Meza, co-founded the business in 2007.  The tastefully appointed 1700 square foot showroom is centrally located in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District.  Group 868 curates a select group of global designers that offers fashion, value, and uniqueness to the bridal and fashion marketplace.  The main mission of Group 868 is to provide merchandising expertise, in depth customer service, marketing/PR opportunities, and execute a sales plan tailored to each collection’s marketing strategy using their excellent, long standing store relationships and diverse press contacts for optimal results in navigating the complex global wholesale bridal and fashion markets, particularly the Americas.   

Services Available

Customize a sales and marketing/PR strategy.
Host the New York markets at the showroom and/or participate in the trade fairs with models and staff.
Plan and attend trunk shows.
On the road sales trips to visit stores.
Customer service with the stores.
Merchandising advice tailored to the American market.
Manage samples with store and press loans.
Assist in negotiating advertising and PR.
Assist in collecting money from stores.
Assist in shipping to stores.
Offer a drop ship program with major retailers.

Consulting services available as well.